iLuv Drawing People

✓ For kids all ages 4+.

✓ Ideal for Home Schooling.

✓ 5 easy drawing steps!

✓ Encourages drawing, creativity, fine motor skills.

We love drawing and your kids will too! Become experts in drawing by learning basic steps.


What are people saying:

♥ “I love the step-by-step instruction aspect of the application because I know what a real confidence booster it can be, especially for kids not comfortable with their own artistic abilities.” –

♥ “I Luv Drawing Animals is one of my kids favourite iPad apps, so I am very excited to see that they can now draw people. The older kids get to learn basic drawing techniques while the younger ones practice their fine motor skills while having fun.” –

♥ “The app offers both teaching at the same time, those who draw be creative in choice of colors, brushes etc.” –

♥ With a wealth of drawing tools, customization options, and sharing features, this app is a welcome, well-designed addition to the iLuv Drawing series. –

♥ “The lines and shapes that make up the drawings are relatively simple, making this an awesome app for working on basic tracing skills.” –


  • Color the finished drawing with paint bucket or by simple brush strokes.
  • Create a background or add from a selection of 30 beautiful backgrounds.
  • Save to a drawing book or photos.
  • Edit the drawings saved in the drawing book.
  • Use blank canvass to practice what you learned.

Many ways to use:

  • You can learn by tracing on the ipad.
  • Or by following the steps on a paper.
  • Impress your kids by learning these steps yourself.